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Cyber Security Awareness Newsletter

OUCH! is the world’s leading, free security awareness newsletter designed for the common computer user. Published every month and in multiple languages, each edition is carefully researched and developed by the SANS Securing The Human team, SANS instructor subject matter experts and team members of the community. Each issue focuses on and explains a specific topic and actionable steps people can take to protect themselves, their family and their organization. OUCH! is distributed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. You are free to distribute OUCH! within your organization or to your customers as part of your security awareness program, or share OUCH! with your family, friends and coworkers. The only limitation is you cannot modify nor sell OUCH!.

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Source: Cyber Security Awareness Training and Programs | SANS Securing the Human

Benefits and Challenges of Regional Broadband

Achieving middle-mile route diversity and redundancy. Towns can work together to develop regional networks and make internet service more reliable for their constituents even if their last-mile builds occur at different times. Case in point: Leverett and Shutesbury, Massachusetts.

Best TV streaming services of 2018: SlingTV vs. Hulu vs. PlayStation Vue, and more | TechHive

TechHive created this guide to compare the features of all the current TV streaming bundles. The guide lists which devices each streaming service supports, provides a full side-by-side channel list, and provides TechHive bottom-line recommendations. The guide also shares the latest TV streaming news, and links to in-depth reviews about how each service works.

via Best TV streaming services of 2018: SlingTV vs. Hulu vs. PlayStation Vue, and more | TechHive