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The dots do matter: how to scam a Gmail user

Gmail users Beware! Look carefully at the TO address [not just the FROM address] when you get a suspicious email!

I recently received an email from Netflix which nearly caused me to add my card details to someone else’s Netflix account. Here I show that this is a new kind of phishing scam which is enabled by an obscure feature of Gmail called “the dots don’t matter”. I then argue that the dots do matter, and that this Gmail feature is in fact a misfeature.

Source: The dots do matter: how to scam a Gmail user

Omitting the “o” in .com Could Be Costly — Krebs on Security

Take care when typing a domain name into a browser address bar, because it’s far too easy to fat-finger a key and wind up somewhere you don’t want to go. For example, if you try to visit some of the most popular destinations on the Web but omit the “o” in .com (and type .cm instead), there’s a good chance your browser will be bombarded with malware alerts and other misleading messages — potentially even causing your computer to lock up completely. As it happens, many of these domains appear tied to a marketing company whose CEO is a convicted felon and once self-proclaimed “Spam King.”

Source: Omitting the “o” in .com Could Be Costly — Krebs on Security