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House passes bipartisan IoT security bill to fix ‘glaring gap’ in cyber infrastructure | Federal News Network

A bipartisan bill setting minimum security standards for Internet of Things devices connected to federal networks passed the House Monday [September 14, 2020]. The bill now awaits a Senate floor vote before heading to the president’s desk.

The IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act would require the National Institute of Standards and Technology to set best practices for device security. 

“The challenge has been a lot of these IOT-connected devices are extraordinarily cheap sensor devices … that’s where there’s been some of the pushback that some of the low-end vendors have not wanted to take the responsibility to actually remediate known vulnerabilities,” [Senator] Warner said.

Welcome to the Era of Fake Products | Wirecutter

A major Wall Street Journal investigation recently revealed that Amazon has listed “thousands of banned, unsafe, or mislabeled products,” from dangerous children’s products to electronics with fake certifications. The Verge reported that even Amazon’s listings for its own line of goods are “getting hijacked by impostor sellers.” CNBC found that Amazon has shipped expired foods—including baby formula—to customers, pointing to an inability to monitor something as basic as an expiration date. Because of the proliferation of counterfeits and what Birkenstock describes as Amazon’s unwillingness to help it fight them, Birkenstock won’t sell on Amazon anymore. Nike announced that it is also pulling out of Amazon. “Many consumers are … unaware of the significant probabilities they face of being defrauded by counterfeiters when they shop on e-commerce platforms,” reads a January 2020 Department of Homeland Security report (PDF) recommending measures that would force e-retailers to take counterfeits even more seriously. “These probabilities are unacceptably high and appear to be rising.”

Source: Welcome to the Era of Fake Products | Wirecutter