Leverett Telehealth Survey Report

2015 Telehealth Survey Results

Prepared for the Town of Leverett


Diverse Learners Consulting

In December 2015 the Town of Leverett conducted a survey of townspeople’s opinions about telehealth/telemedicine services. This report, released April 9, 2016, contains a summary of survey responses.

Telemedicine (a.k.a telehealth) is the use of interactive audio, video, or other electronic media and monitoring devices for the purpose of medical diagnosis, consultation, or treatment.

Leverett has no plans to provide telemedicine services itself, but wants to encourage health care providers—including local doctors and hospitals—to consider it. With the LeverettNet fiber-to-the-home system in place, we now have a top-of-the-line solution for enabling telemedicine.

Leverett Telehealth Survey Report